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Giving Something Back: The Story of Bob Malley

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Bob Malley remembered when, as a young boy, he walked the same path to St. Francis Xavier School as he did to his classes at Rockhurst High School.

"I am very happy to this day with my Jesuit Catholic education." "I value the education that I got at Rockhurst. The Jesuits imbued me with the idea that a college education is not to learn a trade, but to train your mind; and that if you train your mind properly you can pick up any other thing that you need when you get out in the world."

Today, many Rockhurst students work to help with the cost of their education. Bob did too. He liked his job running the Rockhurst bookstore, and his later job working in the college library that gave him the opportunity to read the new acquisitions for the library. "I tried to read as many of the new books as I could," Bob said with a smile.

He was a real student. Fathers Degelman, Doyle and Conway, as well as Dr. Vance Ryan and Mr. Harry Kies left their mark on him. He found time for intramurals and for reporting sports in the Rockhurst Sentinel.

In 1942 after Bob graduated from the College, the Army Air Force sent him to the University of Chicago to study Meteorology. For the next two years Bob was stationed at the 60th Fighter Command Headquarters in England forecasting weather conditions for three fighter groups that escorted bombers over Europe during World War II.

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’99 Senior Ambassadors with Rev. E. Edward Kinerk, S.J. Robert Malley (top left)

When he returned from the Army Air Force service as a Captain in 1946, Bob sat in on courses at the College as he considered an academic career in science. Just as he was about to begin his chemistry fellowship at St. Louis University, his older brother Henry called to say, "Let's buy the Deady Chemical Company." For the next 30 years the two brothers led this company to address the industrial water treatment problems of industry throughout the 50 states.

It was an exciting opportunity because the country was emerging from the deprivations of the war to booming expansion crossing many industries. It was also exciting for Bob because he had to learn how to run a business. His Jesuit training had prepared him so well that 30 years later Bob and Henry were able to profitably sell their business to Olin Corp Water Services Division. Bob worked as Vice President for Olin until his retirement. Rockhurst also prepared Bob to live a good life. In 1948, Robert J. Malley married Mary Margaret Ormsby at Visitation Church. They have eight children and 18 grandchildren. Elected to the Alumni Board he later served as a Senior Ambassador helping Fr. Maurice Van Ackeren represent Rockhurst to area businesses. Even before most attorneys and financial professionals knew how to use Charitable Remainder Trusts, Bob approached his advisors to establish one.

"The Trust allows me to diversify my retirement fund, maintain control of my investments, provide a steady income for the rest of my life, and give to my favorite organizations, including both Rockhurst and Mary Margaret's alma mater. It's excellent for everybody."

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