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In His Footsteps, but Not His Shadow

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Rachel Tangney, whose older brother, Brandon, graduated from Rockhurst last year, followed in his footsteps by choosing Rockhurst University to pursue her own degree.

Rachel Tangney Joins Brother by Making Rockhurst Her College Home Sometimes, following in a sibling's footsteps can be a challenge, but for Rachel Tangney, it was a choice. Her older brother played baseball at RU, but the Wichita native had her own reasons for making Rockhurst her college home.

"I wanted to go somewhere more personable where I wouldn't be just a number. I wanted to have that one-on-one relationship with my professors and to be able to go into their office when I had an issue or a problem. And all the professors here have been amazing."

While she excels in Rockhurst's intimate environment, Rachel has big plans for her future. A sophomore majoring in biology, Rachel is on the pre-med track with the goal of a career in the medical field, possibly as a physician. In addition, Rachel is a recipient of the Buehler Scholarship, which was established by Joe and Linda Buehler as a way to give back to the university and to help make a Rockhurst education possible for students.

"I want them to know that I am not just here on campus going to class and going through the motions of going to college. I want them to know that with the money that they've given me, it's enabled me to be involved and to not have to work full time. For someone who I've never met to have that confidence in me, to give to the university so I can go to school, it's unreal how someone can have that trust."

On campus, Rachel is hardly going through the motions. She's involved with several organizations including the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, Phi Delta Epsilon, a medical fraternity and Hope Lodge, a center where cancer patients stay during treatment. Rachel also works in the RU admissions office as an ambassador.

"I am a very scheduled and structured person, and if I don't have things scheduled, I tend to procrastinate. The busier I am the higher quality of work I do, which is how I have always been. I hate just sitting around with nothing to do. I just think that while I am here, I might as well get the most out of my college education."

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If you would like to create a scholarship to help a student like Rachel attend Rockhurst, consider establishing a planned gift in your estate. Contact Paula Moss at 816-501-4418 or today to learn more.

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